Eileen Blackmore is an interdisciplinary artist and creative producer.

She has been brought up bilingual, her father being from Great Britain (Devon/Wales) and mother from the Netherlands (Friesland).

Imagination, connection and invention are the main subjects crossing her paths in art, multi-media assignments and innovative projects. She combines different disciplines to create a situation in which new challenges arise.

As well in her paintings, movies, projects or multi-media/ICT assignments the linking of elements are her main subject.

From 1995 till 2016 she developed made to measure multi-media/ICT webtools for internet or intranet systems. She designed the functional designs and database systems in which complete new forms and solutions were developed.
In her multi media assignments she placed the user of the tool or website in central and created new navigation systems or webtools. Because of her knowledge of designing databases and programming, she knew how to make the impossible possible.

In her paintings she abstracts the reality by observing accurately, then leaving out parts, zooming in on a detail, changing colours or playing with compositions.
The series Friendship is represented by horses, movement by dancing and the landscapes are views on her imaginative world.

With House of Design she creates and develops projects in which product designers are challenged to use their inventiveness, 3D thinking and curiosity in cooperation with new fields of industry to develop new ways to create a sustainable world. It started in 1996 as a web community and has grown into an interactive lab where new developments and movements are made tangible.

Why all these disciplines?
The paintings capture the still moments of a detail in life, the multi-media connects people on a large scale and the creative projects initiate new movements to change the world just a little more sustainable.

These subjects are important to share the beauty of the world we live in, how to  preserve it by making people aware of this beauty and responsible they have a role in it as user as well as showing how all things are linked to each other in which we, humans, are a speck of sand too.




1990 – 1993 School of Arts, Minerva in Groningen, The Netherlands. Disciplines: painting, drawing, spatial
1993 – 1995 School of Arts, Minerva in Groningen, The Netherlands. Disciplines: multidisciplinary artist/art-director of concepts and communities
1994 – 1995 Rijks Universiteit Groningen: art and art policy
1995 – 1996 Scan institute: ICT developer


1995 – present > multidisciplinary artist
1995 – 2016 >  multi-media/ICT architect and director Blackmore Media
1996 – present > founder and director of House of Design – www.houseofdesign.nl
2016 – present > art-director It Erfskip www.iterfskip.frl

See also for photography: www.flickr.com/photos/eblackmore

Always curious of possible connections. Between disciplines, techniques, people and cultures.
After two years at the Art Academy she changed her work into community concepts. As an interdisciplinary artist she developed concepts in which other students and artists were invited to work on a common concept in which they were challenged to transcend their own disciplines.


Selection of older art projects:
1993: Secret Recipe
Initiating and art directing of an exhibition of sketchbooks from 50 students from different departments at Art Academy, presented on a large cake giving an insight of the unknown and usually hidden concepts of the students.

1994:  Der Weser, Bremen
Initiating and art directing a project on co-operation between international students of Art Academy Minervan and Kunst Hochschule Bremen. Theme der Weser, the river flowing through the city of Bremen. During a week artists worked together on different elements of the river resulting in an exhibition in Bremen and Groningen.


Dal mio archivio storico ..gemellaggio Accademia di Belle Arti Minerva Groningen (Paesi Bassi) e Accademia di Belle Arti di Bremen (Germania) 1995 Curatrice: Eileen Blackmore Cameramen: Pietro Montante Montaggio : Pietro Montante ArteUn Grazie a tutti i componenti del Collettivo " De Stip "

Geplaatst door Pietro Montante Arte op dinsdag 27 oktober 2015

1995: Graduation project. City and country side.
Art students and artists were selected to create an art work on a large square of the building where the graduation show took place.
The assignment was to create an object for city and use synthetic materials or for the country side using natural materials.