Projects and exhibitions (selection)

  • 2021 – 2024 Wad of value (Wad van waarde)
    Developing a system change in the Wadden area to reduce the use of plastic products by developing appealing alternatives of, among others, flax (linen) and PHBV (multi-use, biodegradable bioplastic). We develop local value chains in which parties related to raw materials, design, manufacturing industry and business model are connected to each other in order to close the chain.
    >> creative producer, lead partner
  • 2020 – 2021 N361 from Wad to Groningen (van Wad tot Stad)
    Design of the surrounding of the N361 road. Three roundabouts Leens, Wehe-den-Hoorn and Mensingewer, the village centers of Winsum, Sauwerd and Adorp and the fast cycle path from Winsum to Groningen.
    Design framework in which elements of the Groningen landscape, architecture and art group De Ploeg form the basis for the various artistic expressions in which various designers and artists have worked.
    Finalised mid-May 2022
    >> concept development, project leader, artist
  • 2019 – 2023 Erasmus+ project: Smart Hands
    Developing teaching materials in which we want to train inventive makers and thinkers, for example by connecting modern dance and physics, or art history and chemistry.
    Partners: Finland, Romania, Portugal, Netherlands
    >> creative producer, lead partner
  • 2018 – 2021 Erasmus+ project: Craft your Future.
    Developing tools on teaching the link between Craft, Circular Economy and digital tools.
    Partners: Valencia (Spain), Tryavna (Bulgaria), Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)
    >> creative producer, project partner
  • 2018 – 2019 Erasmus+ project: Circular Design: Learning for Innovative Design for Sustainability. Develop lessons for professionals.
    Partners from Sweden, Spain, Ireland and The Netherlands.
    >> project partner
  • 2018 Groningen Ontwerpt (Groningen designs)
    Designers and artists develop products and installation of packaging waste in co-operation with shopkeepers in the inner city of Groningen (NL)
    >> concept en curator
  • 2018 May solo exhibition gallery Mooiwerk, Dokkum
    Work from the series Fishing and Skin of “De Marne”.
  • 2018 Smart Leeuwarden artworks in Nieuwe Oosterstraat Leeuwarden in which sensor technology and sustainable energy generation contribute to greening, interaction and awareness.
    BeeStreet: an artistic and innovative solution to heat stress and a lively city.
    >> concept and curator
  • 2017-2018 European Erarsmus + project 3D Education in which designers, artists and teachers work together to add 3D thinking and 3D printing to the curriculum. Age 10-19
    Partners from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain, United Kingdom and The Netherlands.
    >> concept and artistic producer
  • 2016 – 2017 We are going to make it!: setting up a local sustainable production chain in which designers are invited to use the landscape as context and basis for material for development Groningen design
    >> concept and project leader
  • 2015-present It Erfskip, social design lab, developing sustainable souvenirs for Leeuwarden-Frysl├ón Cultural Capital 2018
    >> concept and artistic producer
  • 2014 solar boats and 3D at the Into the Great Wide Open festival
    Stimulate 3D thinking and 3D designs
    >> concept and artistic producer
  • 2013-2015 initiator and creative producer Erarsmus + project 3DComenius in which designers, artists and teachers work together to add 3D thinking and 3D printing to the curriculum. Age 4-14.
    Partners from Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom and The Netherlands.
    >> concept and artistic producer
  • 2013 initiator Gronings design: various activities to put Groninger designers on the map, among others at the DMY in Berlin
    >> concept and artistic producer
  • 2013 – DesignXPO, design festival. Theme: bio-based design
    >> concept and project leader
  • 2013 – solo exhibition Bloooms, Groningen
  • 2013 group exhibition city hall Kollum
  • 2012-2014 initiate and develop workshops for European InterregIVC project: RegioCraft with partners Latvia, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. How can we retain trades in Europe by connecting to contemporary designers and 21st century tools
    >> artistic producer
  • 2012 – Design Pressure Cooker in Hamburg, designers from Groningen/Friesland, NL, and entrepreneurs Hamburg, D, (and vise versa) are working on a design question for a day.
    >> artistic producer
  • 2012 – exhibition MeetDesign with northern designers at the Wonen & co residential fair in Groningen.
    >> concept and curator
  • 2012 – 3D UROs: workshop at the Into the Great Wide Open festival, working with biomaterials and 3D printers on Unidentified Rolling Objects.
    project developed around creativity and 3D printing
    >> artistic producer
  • 2011 – initiator DesignXPO, design festival with partners Academy Minerva, Groninger Museum, Syntens, Vos Interieur. Theme: tension between creativity and commissioned.
    >> concept and artistic producer
  • 2011 – group exhibition old church Zoutkamp
  • 2011 – group exhibition gallery Zofier
  • 2010 – group exhibition ARTeria, horse in art
  • 2010 – initiator DesignXPO, design festival with partners Syntens, Vos Interieur. Theme: sustainability
    >> concept and artistic producer
  • 2009 – Design in Groningen, design festival route through design studios
    >> concept and artistic producer
  • 2008 – Design in Groningen, design festival route through design studios
    >> concept and artistic producer
  • 2007 – initiator Design and Architecture Route Groningen
    >> concept and artistic producer
  • 2002 – ICT: develop online tool for testing blood filters for Sanquin Netherlands
  • 1997-2000 – Craftdesign: putting together an exhibition with graduation work in the field of product design of academies from Great Britain, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. Is M. Gallery KIS, Amsterdam
    >> curator and artistic producer
  • 1996 – House of Design: online community with work from international product designers. From 2003 platform for professional designers. From 2012 sustainable design lab.
    >> initiator and artistic producer
  • 1995: City and countryside
    Location: Martinihal, Groningen
    Students and artists were invited to create a project in a large square, in which they made the choice between natural and synthetic materials. The synthetic tinted artworks were placed in the middle as a core surrounded by the natural materials that represented the countryside. Her own work was large mirrors placed in the adjacent building that caught the sun, and after the time passed, work for work literally lighted.
    >> curator and artistic producer
  • 1994: Der Weser, Bremen
    Location: Das Gulden Haus, Bremen (D)
    working week in Bremen in cooperation with the Kunst Hochschule Bremen. Theme of the Weser, the river that flows through Bremen.
    >> curator and artistic producer
  • 1993: Secret Recipe
    Location: Academy Minerva, Groningen
    exhibition with sketchbooks from various departments of 50 students, presented on a large layered cake.
    >> curator and artistic producer