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Skin ZK49

80×80 cm oil on canvas 2018

lauwersmeer lake of the lauwer

raindrops in the Lake of the Lauwer

oil on canvas 120x80cm 2018

waddenzee wadden sea

Wadden sea

(sound of the seagulls) oil on canvas 115x75cm 2017

groninger klei clay from Groningen

Clay in Groningen

oil on canvas 50x40cm 2017

my road zoutkamp houwerzijl

my road

oil on canvas 115x75cm 2017

Coloured friends

Oil on canvas Size: 120 x 80 cm 2017

Konik horse and foal

21×29,7 cm ink on paper 2017


Bonte in one line

ink on paper 2017

painting tinker horse and pauline

black and white friends

oil on canvas 80x120cm 2016

painting red sluis Zoutkamp

red sluis Zoutkamp

oil on canvas 50x60cm 2016