Category: fishing

painting red sluis Zoutkamp

red sluis Zoutkamp

oil on canvas 50x60cm 2016

painting going fishing Waddenzee

fishing on the ZK 46

oil on canvas 120x80cm 2016

painting seagulls behind fishing boat Waddenzee

Followers of fishing

oil on canvas 30×24 cm 2016

painting net from the sea Waddenzee

Net coming out of the sea

Oil on canvas 30 x 24 cm 2015

painting fishing boat AK 47 Zoutkamp

ZK47, butterfly

Oil on canvas 115 x 75 cm 2014

painting fisherman reaching for net Waddenzee

Fisherman reaching for net

Oil on canvas 30 x 24 cm 2014 (sold)

painting Sluis Zoutkamp Groningen

Sluis Zoutkamp

oil on canvas 150x150cm 2013

zoutkamp kotter

Zoutkamp Dorus and Liberty

Oil on wooden block 10 x 12 cm 2011

Zoutkamp kotter


Oil on canvas 150 x 150 cm 2011


ZK-2 and ZK-49

oil on canvas 50×60 cm 2008